Arabic And Unani Medicine

Unani medicine, also known as Unani tibb, is a traditional medicine known for healing and health maintenance. The origins of Unani medicine are mainly found in the doctrines of the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen. Being a field, it was later developed and refined through systematic experiment by the Arabs who converted some traditional medicines as arab or unani medicines, most prominently by Muslim scholar-physician Avicenna either by using healing herbs or techniques. During the Caliphate, the bulk of Greek knowledge was translated into Arabic same with the idea of medicine acting as the principles of medicine. With additional contributions of medical wisdom from different or other parts of the Middle East and South Asia, Unani medicine came out to be known as Arabian, or Islamic, medicine.

  • Arabic medicinal herbs
  • Cupping therapy
  • Therapeutics of unani medicine
  • Advancement in Traditional unani medicine

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